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  1. Hi Andre, thanks for the reply. Yes to the private beach...no one around. I am going to download an app on my phone called Poweramp, to use for playlist playback. Can you tell me how I could learn more about this "Folder" mode on the Android phone? It sounds like a good place to put all these mp3s Im ging to make. Thank you again. Found that folder view, Andre. Connected phone to computer for first time ever and copied over all the mp3's. Poweramp recognized them just fine. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I am looking for some help building a music play list. I want to be able to take my new Motorola Android phone on the beach, and play music on my new bluetooth speaker, without streaming (because I do not want to use my data allotment). I want it kept local. I need help building the playlist on my desktop computer. What I would like to do is convert all of my YouTube songs I have in a desktop file folder to mp3 files (I think I want mp3 format - I would take suggestions for other format - also, if anyone can suggest a YouTube converter that is decent, I would welcome that recommenda
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