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  1. I used Poweramp with the same car and it worked well, until some update that messed things. Downgrading t build 828 was a workaround, but only for some time. It finally crashed and I was forced to update. Before requesting support, I tried a lot settings in the phone and in the app, none of them worked. I also contacted with the app support via email with all the details, and they gave me only the standard reply about re-installing the last build. I attached my question to this thread because it was similar to others. For instance, forlau's message describes exactly the same issue, but my car is Toyota instead BMW and my phone is another Redmi series. I don't think this is related to one specific car audio, but perhaps a integration issue with the latest MIUI versions. I'm really tired of this and now I'm using another app that works fine.
  2. I've updated to the build 860 and this bug is still there. After more than six months, I finally give up and leave Poweramp.
  3. As Lox68 posted, the workaround for this issue is to downgrade to build 828. I tried it and works. It's great that there're users that can find solutions while the app support don't respond.
  4. I have the build 838 and still the car audio display doesn't show title/artist info. I do not agree that this is an issue “outside” Poweramp app, because all other apps in the phone show the correct info. Poweramp itself did it, until some update spoiled all. I contacted the app support, but only had the useless answer to install the version 838 I already had. This is annoying.
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