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  1. Initially I put only the FLAC files on internal, while leaving the MP3s on the SD and shuffling between them, which resulted in some fails. I then tried putting a few MP3s on internal as well and shuffling only them and the FLACs, which gave only successes.
  2. So skipping between MP3s on SD card and FLACs on internal won't slow it down? It worked fine when both were on internal. Sample rate is standard 44.1K, and looks like bitrates are between 800 and 1K. Not very familiar with bitrates on FLAC.
  3. Okay. So when I put the buffer on full I had a series of successful plays followed just as I was starting to think it was alright by a series of consecutive failures just as long or longer. I then moved just the FLACs to internal and added that filepath to the library and got a few plays and a few fails. Then put a bunch of MP3s on internal too and selected only them and the FLAC album to play and had no failures. Does this just mean I need a faster SD card? It is a pretty decent one but not high end.
  4. Would the read speed hypothesis account for the issues with scanning the files in the library?
  5. SD card. Internal has nowhere near the capacity for even MP3s sadly. I thought read speed might be the issue. Tried both settings on full and no improvement. Ended up leaving priority on full but putting buffer back to auto as I wasn't certain what it did. Will put it back on full for posterity.
  6. Just began upgrading from MP3 to FLAC and went on a recommendation to get Poweramp while I was at it for the features, with only one album in FLAC on so far. Initially had issues with scanning either just that album and a couple of random alarm/game audio files, or all my MP3s without it, but every now and then it'd scan correctly only to mess up the next automatic rescan (intermittence is the main thing that keeps confusing me). Fixed this by manually selecting my music files to be scanned, then after a successful rescan turning off automatic rescans, on the logic that as long as it thinks the file is there it'll manage to find the file when trying to play it. Then after a day of commutes to and from work with the player on shuffle I realised none of the new FLACs had played. Investigated by just clicking next repeatedly to see if one came up and saw the "failed to play _" message come up a couple of times. Played one of the files at random from the library with no problem and began to shuffle from there with some fails and some successes even on the same tracks throughout the playlist. I've tried tweaking a few settings to no avail. I'm a relative newb with this stuff, so it's often a matter of changing a setting and seeing if it helps, which none of them have. Would it help to have all my tracks in a single folder? At the moment they're all in one parent folder, but under individual folders for artist and album.
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