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  1. Hi Poweramp Team! I want to make a request of a feature that I love on Winamp, but in Poweramp it's missing for me. It's the possibility to make custom playlists using custom filters, like genre, comments, artists, albums, rate x stars or simply unrated, or any field that makes sense to filter. Thanks a lot! Best regards!
  2. Hi developers! I love Poweramp! It's the best player forever! I believe that the homesick Winamp lovers loves Poweramp too =D I bought it a few years ago, and I migrated to the alpha program for approximately one year ago. My resumed feedback by now is that it is best than the official version, which was already magnificent! Because I'm a developer too, and since I become a alpha member, I believe that my feedback/bug report/feature request is very important, so I want to leave a feedback about the rating system, that functions perfectly, except when rating one star, it's inaccu
  3. I've a curious situation, that in my car I use Poweramp with bluetooth, and because the temporally pause when notifications comes, I turned on the option that doesn't stop the music with this type of notifications, but in my work I use headphones, and I'm experiencing this problem. Is there no way to force Poweramp to separate his audio from system notification?
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