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  1. Interestingly, I opted out, uninstalledand tried rolling back... But Google Play keeps updating me to 703. I don't have any issues with playback or anything, but sometimes visualization pops up in lieu of Album Art and the default skin isn't as pleasing as the Lollipop Skin. So, I guess I'm just gonna have to live with the Alpha lol How is it coming along so far? I have no idea what the process of vetting new apps is like.
  2. Hi guys, So I as thinking, the way Poweramp handles "Recently Added" is kind of annoying because it will just list the last 200 songs added, irrespective of how long it's been since they've been added. I have Smart Playlist in my iTunes that just includes songs added within the last 4 weeks. I know Poweramp can't do Smart Playlists, so I just sync that playlist to my phone and it works fine. But as a matter of convenience, since I can "hide" the stock Recently Added menu from the splash screen, it'd be nice if I can pin my top playlists instead.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the way this app handles music interruptions is kind of bizarre. The option exists in the settings to either pause the music or not, but what about what every other music player does - the music is dodges while the notification plays, then the music resumes to regular volume. Is this something we can fix?
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