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  1. When I tried it I had shuffled the songs by a specific artist, though now that I test it after shuffling my whole library, it works fine. Weird. Maybe I made a mistake.
  2. I apologize if this question has been asked/answered before. So, I just bought Poweramp and I'm wondering if there might be some option I'm missing with shuffle. When I listen to music I tend to shuffle my entire library, and skip around a lot. Sometimes I don't decide to listen to a song until after I've skipped past it... but when I tested it on my way to work today it seemed that Poweramp's shuffle doesn't allow you to return to previous songs, instead making both the 'skip forward' and 'skip back' buttons into shuffle buttons. I hate this. It makes the whole listening experience frustrating for me because I can't go back, or re-listen to a song that's just passed. If there isn't an option to change this, there definitely should be. As of now I'm wondering if this option exists and I've simply missed it. I'm going to keep using Poweramp either way (the default music player on my nexus doesn't recognize a good chunk of the songs I just put on it due I'm guessing to their file type/format), but I'd really love for this to be something I can change.
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