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  1. HTC 1 M8 Lollipop Thanks. I'll check the link.
  2. Now that Google play no longer allows you to store music on your SD card, I need a new player. I installed the paid version yesterday, and expected Power Amp to automatically find my music. That hasn't happened. I tried looking for the files, but nothing seems to happen. What am I doing wrong? Also, I am assuming that your progam will play music stored on sd cards, am I correct? FYI, Google Play has begun sending out an update. If you have music stored on your sd card, they wipe it clean, and then download your music (along with duplicates) to your phone's memory. They won't allow us to move the music to the sd file. If you have a decent size library (mine is nearly 20gbs) your music can eat up most, if not all of your phone's memory. I've called them to find a work around, but they said there is none. The new upgrade is cluttered with their streaming stuff, and my guess is that they did this to force people to give up on their own collection, and pay to stream instead. Complete bs. I look forward to trying your player.
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