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  1. On 4/4/2020 at 11:54 AM, Rachel Tang said:

    @clever_man Hi, I've just uploaded a newer version fixing an issue which has caused app crashing on many devices, hope it'll work well for you… And if not, I'd be glad to receive crash logs. Your report made the app better, thanks!


    Just downloaded and have question.

    There will be any options for changing theme, size, font color etc?


    Also there lyrics are show late than singing. It's app bug?


    Thanks for app

  2. On 7/17/2017 at 0:03 PM, Prosenjit said:

    I used foobar2k on galaxy S3 frankly speaking I didn't notice any difference in sound quality if I have to choose anything other than Poweramp I will choose stellio it has the best looking UI lot's & lot's of eq options feature wise close to Poweramp but it lacks bass not even close to Poweramp actually there's no other app that has the powerful bass but still stellio is a good app it's free with adds I payed only 29INR for the full version it sounds way better than jet audio  surround sound quality is even better than Poweramp V3 and jet audio. Some people say the equaliser is bad it distorted all the time I never faced it with my own settings i used both Poweramp and stellio as my daily driver I mostly use Poweramp but still I think it's a very good option

    I check stillio and it is far away after Poweramp.

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