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  1. @maxmp @clever_man @andrewilley Poweramp is now crashin like anythin on Samsung s9plus woth oreo...plz plz plz release d new build at d earliest..
  2. Even i m afan of old timeline bar , scroll bar ,and playback controls in the control area (Fwd, Rev, Next/Prev List, etc) .Rest of d design looks awesome.. hope ders an option for switching to old scroll bar and playback controls..
  3. Wow..Finaly .. Finally Max replied..cant wait for d beta.Like he. Mentioned April..year not mentioned though;)
  4. @clever_man can uask max for 1 updae about the project.. i still hav som hopes left
  5. RIP ...Evn google believes in releasing unfinished products for small group of ppl so dat thy hav a better rom at d tym of release for the masses..God knows if this new Poweramp updage is ever goin to see the light..
  6. Atleast make it official that we are not going to get any updates in the future..2 years for an update..dats way too mch..
  7. +1 1 request ..if he doesnt release by may 2018 ..d release date of android P..kindly close d thread ..Bocz its gonna take 1 more year for him to get everything sorted..n d vicious cycle continues..year after year..till googlenruns our of Alphabets
  8. Got a weird dream.. max releasin Poweramp v3 at mobile world congress 2018 later this month ...hahaha
  9. Gr8..n even d app work is goin on Strongly.. lets wait a lil bit more.. hope to hear something from max aswell
  10. Did Some1 made a contact with Max..I hope he s in Good health.. its been months since his last msg..
  11. Agreed..n next Android OS vl b updated in may ..So if max doesn't release new version by may..most probably v hav to wait for another 1 yr ...n d cycle continues..
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