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  1. Yes, it does. It's called "contract", it's widely used in software development. You see, as a user I read the following description in "Screenshot_2016-05-16-18-50-56.png", and I expect correct behavior, which leads me to a purchase of the product. Now, the official documentation of the CUE sheet standard is described here "CDRWIN USER’S GUIDE" by "Golden Hawk Technology". Chapter 7 shows an example of CUE sheet with multiple files described "cdrwin.pdf - Adobe Reader.png". Something has to be changed: Poweramp feature list or the source code.
  2. According to what I've said earlier - it's a bug, so please process it like one. Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full version) device model: Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 international variant Android version: 5.1.1 Custom ROM name/version: 12.1-20160311-MARKOX89-i9100
  3. I don't think that this issue should be treated as 'feature request', since CUE is a standard as well, not only implementation. And the standard DOES support multiple physical files per playlist. So, this one's a DEFECT.
  4. I've been recently in touch with the developer regarding this issue, and still no solution since May 30, 2015... Bad feeling about this... Please tell me they are trying to fix it....
  5. Hi, Jonesie I'm also a user of Poweramp, and I'd like to know whether your solution requires UTF-8 with BOM or w/o it ?
  6. When there are mutiple *.flac files in the album folder along with Cue sheet, the Cue sheet is being ignored, despite the fact, that Cue standard allows multiple files described inside Cue sheet. Please fix it, so that the Cue sheet will have the highest priority.
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