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  1. I have tested the new version only for a short time and so far everything seems to work except of one file. I have an MKA that won't play in Poweramp. The tags are read incorrectly and if I try to play it, Poweramp hangs. Here is information about the file from MediaInfo: GeneralUnique ID : 213917940478011675662671200863786391616 (0xA0EF18C2B22BCFC8884086221A645840)Complete name : C:\Moje\Audio\_mluvený\Ostatní\Ivánku, kamaráde, můžeš mluvit.mkaFormat : MatroskaFormat version : Version 1File size : 39.3 MiBDuration : 48mn 7sOverall bit rate mode : VariableOverall bit rate : 114 KbpsTrack name/Position : 03Encoded date : UTC 2010-09-20 14:55:47Writing application : mkvmerge v2.2.0 ('Turn It On Again') built on Mar 4 2008 12:58:26Writing library : libebml v0.7.7 + libmatroska v0.8.1Cover : YesAttachments : cover.jpg / pic1.jpg / pic2.jpgARTIST : Jiří Lábus & Petr ČtvrtníčekGENRE : SpeechREPLAYGAIN_GAIN : -5.66 dBREPLAYGAIN_PEAK : 0.949870AudioID : 1Format : VorbisFormat settings, Floor : 1Codec ID : A_VORBISDuration : 48mn 7sBit rate mode : VariableBit rate : 128 KbpsChannel(s) : 2 channelsSampling rate : 48.0 KHzCompression mode : LossyStream size : 44.1 MiBTitle : Ivánku kamarádeWriting library : libVorbis (Everywhere) (20100325 (Everywhere))Default : YesForced : NoMenu00:00:00.000 : cs:Úvod00:09:55.720 : cs:Pondělí00:14:00.160 : cs:Úterý00:18:24.320 : cs:Středa00:20:53.280 : cs:Čtvrtek00:28:02.280 : cs:Pátek00:28:19.920 : cs:Sobota00:37:25.000 : cs:Delegát
  2. I just installed the new v3 alpha build 700. I noticed there are a couple of predefined dynamic playlists. Is there any progress in supporting creation of custom dynamic playlists? It is the feature I miss most in Poweramp (together with rating tag support).
  3. I have rating tags in all my sonngs (I use mainly MP3 and Ogg Vorbis) and I've never seen a file with rating displayed in Poweramp. It is not as easy to implement as many think, but for an experienced programmer it shouldn't take more a day. I implemented it for MP3, MP4 and Ogg in a couple of days and I'm really not an experienced programmer. The ID3 article on Wikipedia is a very good source and Celemntine music player sources were also a great inspiration for me.
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