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  1. If I recall correctly you have several. Look for the ones with the word "Spectrum" in their name. As per the last version of Poweramp v3-build-804-play (full version) you see the name of the current visualization on the top of the screen (visualization mode: Fade Controls) Tap it and you get the full list which you can filter, using "spectrum" I see: spectrum-plain spectrum-quad-narrow spectrum-reflected-wide spectrum-wide Ice spectrum Ice Spectrum (Reverse)
  2. This happens in my car multimedia unit, running Android 6.01 (Marshmallow) When the radio app is playing and I launch PA, it does not acquire the speakers, I mean, the visualization "moves" so I know PA thinks it is playing, but the radio still plays on the speakers I don't know what is the technical reason for this, but if I launch Spotify instead of PA, it does get the speakers too. If I launch other player it also gets the speakers. After Spotify or other players play, PA works fine This only happens if the radio is currently playing, and only PA fails to acquire the speakers
  3. I hope ChromeBooks (which currently support also Android apps) are target devices for Poweramp I got me a Samsung Chromebook Plus and Installed Poweramp. My music library on a 128G external SD Card (Sandisk) Poweramp let me "enable" the external SD card (folder settings) and discovered all the songs in there, but for some reason (it might be Poweramp or it might be ChromeOS) it failed to recognize the album art in each folder. It only shows the album art if the tracks in the folder have embedded album art. I maintain my library with individual folders for each album, and Folder.
  4. I deleted a few files from my 7K songs library. But when I apply "Rescan" it does not remove them from the library. I had to perform a "Full rescan" which is a little bit overkill for this situation. Is there a way to update the library for deleted files too? I suspect Rescan only works on added songs, not deleted songs.
  5. How can I share the visualizations' ratings among my various devices? Can I export/import/send the ratings?
  6. Thank you! though it would be nice to have both options without having to change any settings.
  7. Is it possible to append songs after the current list? If I enqueue songs, they play right after the current song, that's not what I want. I am listening to an album and I would like to add another album/songs to be played when this album is finished.
  8. So,... anybody knows where can I see the *.milk files in the phone file system?
  9. Some questions about PA support of milkdrop: 1. The folder sdcard/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets ("the folder") is empty in my device, even though the visualizations are working fine and in the settings PA reports Built-in:4 Compiled:6 Poweramp:63 Where are the PA presets stored if not there? If I bring my own presets pack, should I copy it to the folder? With subfolders presets and textures (as with WinAmp in a PC)? Is there an option to delete duplicates if a preset is already loaded? 2. Which shader version is currently supported in PA? 3.
  10. I recently signed up as tester for v3, and I am amazed how an already superb app can get even better. I immediately noticed though some things that could complete the experience: 1. Obvious, a menu entry for feedback that takes you to this forum. Needed since if we are testers, we will have some feedback, right? 2. A way to type exact numeric values on the settings, the slide bar is never accurate. 3. This one just seems to me a good UI idea. Double tap the album art area to toggle the visualization on/off 4. A list of favorite visualizations. Since there are so ma
  11. I could not find this feature by searching, thanks for bringing it up!! I just tried it and it has one drawback: You have to play the song to have access to this "long press" it cannot be done from the filtered results, so it is not very useful when you are browsing to make a playlist Still, it is pretty close to what I wanted, it beats having to search the container album manually.
  12. Have so much display real estate in tablets, it is really a waste to just scale the same screens we have on the phones It would be nice to see more Either to put two fragments in one screen or an a new dedicated screen for tablets I don't need to see 80% of the screen occupied by Album Art, I prefer to reduce that and see volume controls or equalizer, or list of all songs, etc.
  13. After some songs are filtered, either from Artists, or Albums, or anyway, it would be nice to be able to see the full list of songs of that album or that artist, or that genre It could be an option from the context menu to expand to Album/Artist/Genre Example, to make myself clear: You want to listen to the album where the "Baby, my Love" song is, but you don't remember the Album's name So you filter the songs and find the song "Baby, my Love" and from there you want to go directly to full album list (same goes for Artists, Genre, etc.)
  14. Is there any option to show, on the main play screen (the one with the Album art and play control buttons) the next songs to be played? Sort like in Kodi you can see a rolling text with the next songs to be played.
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