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  1. I gave up and went back to 5.0.1, Very disappointing that i had to do that though. Seriously thinking about switching music players. :/
  2. I sent like 3 bug reports but would posting a logcat here help? My guess is that its not ready for 5.1
  3. The lastest version from the play store. I also tried the latest one from the website but it also didn't work.
  4. I actually just went from 5.0.1 to 5.1 this morning and that's when it stopped working.
  5. No error message at all it just crashes and stops. The one from the play store with the unlocker that i also bought from the play store.
  6. Everytime i try to open Poweramp it crashes. Android 5.1 HTC one M8 GPE
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