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  1. After clearing the whole file system and reloading from scratch, including the playlists, it's now working correctly. I think that the previous time, I had loaded everything through Explorer, direct onto the card. I may have copied the playlists the same way. That may have affected Poweramp's ability to read the playlist files, if the filepaths weren't correct. It did seem to correctly pull up what the songs were, and clicking any individual one pulled up the right song, but it may not have then been able to find the next and through the playlist was over. This time, I synced everything painstakingly using Winamp, including the playlists once the whole file system was loaded. This imported the playlists, still as m3us, but now with the correct filepath. Now they do play through a playlist correctly. I had to do it a certain way through Winamp, however - initially it wanted to create PLA files on the SD card, but I don't think these were working right. Dragging and dropping them a different way produced m3u files on the SD card, which show up separately in Poweramp but work great.
  2. I understand that you wouldn't be able to duplicate if this is an unusual issue. I'm going to try deleting all the playlists and recreating them - I will let you know if this is effective.
  3. Absolutely certain that shuffle is turned off.
  4. The icon to the left of the song title is the Playlist icon. Still skips around to random songs from anywhere in the library. (sorry for the slow reply, almost forgot about the forum)
  5. I may not be understanding how playlists are supposed to work in Poweramp. My assumption is that if you start playing a song within a playlist (or select play when long-pressing a playlist) it should just play through the playlist. This isnt the case, however. As sokn as the current song ends, it goes to a random song anywhere in my entire music list. It does this regardless of what shuffle mode is selected. Ive tried every which way and various settinga and cant figure it out. For background, these playlists were created as m3u files on my PC in Winamp and loaded with the mp3s onto my SD card for importing into Poweramp. Poweramp read the arrangement of music just fine and read the playlist files, creating accurate playlists within the program. Now they dont play right, though. Any help?
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