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  1. @maxmp Thanks so much for the change to "always keep notification"! It works now, and you fixed it so quickly!
  2. Just wanted to point this out, but this app called MPlayer seems to be using Poweramp's old 1.x-style graphics for it's audio player:
  3. - Interface is much cleaner now. Menu button popup is much more attractive. - Issue with MIUI (and possibly other roms) with incorrectly-displayed progress bars is still present. This also causes an issue when selecting track rating via always-on rating control. This is not maxmpz's fault, obviously. - New Lockscreen is really cool. However it seems that it activates after the system unlock on MIUI (still not maxmpz's fault). As in, I press power button, system lock screen is displayed, I unlock, Poweramp lockscreen displays, I unlock, phone unlocks (regardless of Direct Unlock setting) - Was
  4. I really like Poweramp and have already purchased the full version a long time ago. But, I would like to donate more. Does the author have a paypal account (or other payment service)?
  5. queue, hierarchical folders, and extra skin? max you are my hero
  6. I bought it from the site (worth every penny of course) but I also change ROMs often. By restoring from Titanium, will I be using up an activation?
  7. Will Album Replaygain be supported at some unspecified date or do you not see yourself ever adding it? It's a very useful feature for some. Thank you for your time and your fantastic coding skills
  8. Please allow sending more than is necessary (or put a separate PayPal donate button). Thanks
  9. I'm pretty sure that it's because Poweramp doesn't actually maintain the library, it just reads from it. The OS handles the indexing. Thus: - Your files have to be in specific folders. Make sure your music is in the right folder (I think it was /sdcard/media/music/ for stock Android and /sdcard/music/ for Sense ROMs). Put a standard MP3 file in the location you currently use and check that the stock Music application indexes it - I don't think Android indexes files that can't be read by its' stock players, but I could be wrong Folder view avoids both of these limitations.
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