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  1. Hi, as I am reviewing a lot of bluetooth speaker and headphones I am missing a loudness feature in Poweramp. Most speaker or headphones need to get heavy increased bass and treble to sound good if playing on a low volume level. With increasing volume the EQ setting should be lowered till linear setting or a defined minimum EQ setting. Some more expensive speaker already have such a feature like the Denon Envaya Mini, but most cheaper model do not have any optimization settings for theier sound. It would be great implementing a loudness feature especially for speakers like the MEK Musicbox which sounds very great and heavy with the correct EQ setting, but if it gets to volume max, distortion will be produced, so a second EQ setting has to be used for highr or max volume level. In connection with the requested feature to get EQ settings each paired bluetooth device, it would be the coolest feature ever! Thanks for feedback in advance. Greetings Mark
  2. The same idea I wanted to post! Please integrate this very useful feature! I am reviewing lots of bluetooth speaker and every gets its own tuning via EQ. It would be great, if the settings would be fixed to one ore more specific bluetooth IDs. Thus I could switch very easy between different speaker for a comparison. Have a look at www.miniklangwunder.de
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