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  1. I have my settings set to organize in List form by Artist. When in the Genre section, albums with the same title by different artists are comined together under a single "artist."
  2. I noticed the same splitting of genres. Quickfix - get MediaMonkey on your PC (great program, free version works perfectly, some neat stuff added in paid version) and batch update the tags to replace "/" with "&" - this will take three minutes and fix the problem. And also save this Max fella a number of hours coding and updating the GUI.
  3. There is a better answer to this. Don't buy Apple products.
  4. Hmm, some good ideas there, too. This is already leagues better than Crapple iPods but it is missing some key features thst I have always wanted in a media player and never found. Simple things like advanced filtering. Query based playlists is a huge item that I have always dreamed of. Anyway, thanks for sharing. - Sean
  5. The program is excellent! One huge improvement for me would be if you allowed the artists to be grouped together under Genres. I have a large music collection (85 GB) and in some genres over 300 albums. That is a lot of scrolling. I would love to see an option added to create one more level to group the ablums together under the artist. Another neat feature would be to be able to play by query. Or rather, automatically creat a play queue based on a query. What if I want to enqueue to any song with greater than or equal to 4 stars in Genre A and Genre B, etc. Could be very powerful. Could be the kind of feature that makes me go back and work on my ID3 tags to set "tags" on them for use in queries. For example, play anything with 4 stars or more with a tag of "energetic."
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