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  1. To be honest, I made a mistake in this: my fault that I didn't see before that Browse by Composer is a feature already available in the current version of Poweramp, it's just disabled by default but can be enabled via config. I apologize for not having seen it before opening the thread.
  2. That'd be nice, but not exactly what I was talking about. Sometimes I happen to wetant to listen music composed by this classical composer or that other one, be it a major composer (e.g. Beethoven) or much lesser known one (e.g. Crusell). It'd be quite hindering in the user experience if I manually had to create a playlist (be it even a smart playlist based on tags) for every single composer, instead of just browse for them very much the same way I do for Artists or Genre.
  3. Hi, as a fan of classical music, and addicted maintainer of a media collection well tagged, I would definitely love to being able to browse my music by Composer. Is this something available (can't see it though) or planned ? As a user that just switched from iPhone to android (and still iPod user, which contain a much larger collection than that I can contain in my smartphone), browsing by composer is one of my main habits. BR Peppe
  4. So Max, any update ? I had to install iSyncr yesterday and "the other player" ... and not only I didn't like them as much as Poweramp, but I also had some problems and eventually reverted to use the "other player" who can successfully read and update rating tags on files (my preferred solution indeed, I just wasted iSyncr money ...).
  5. Same as many other, I am HUGELY interested in some sort of ratings sync support (better if directly via mediamoney, i.e., rating tag in the media file, or via iSyncr), as otherwise the app for me is pretty perfect as is if this gap is filled. Could you please update us on the status of this implementation and release plan ? Otherwise I (as many others again, perhaps) will be forced to buy something else in the meanwhile, and having alreay bought the Full Poweramp Unlocker to support your great job, I'd rather avoid spending more for the same purpose. BR Peppe
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