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  1. KingKuno

    Grant Access

    It works, great .
  2. KingKuno

    Grant Access

    Thanks, but I don't understand how I get step 1. I need screenshots from the start of Poweramp.
  3. KingKuno

    Grant Access

    "To enable SD card you need to use menu in that dialog (three dots) then hit Enable SD card - this will show it in the left sidebar." Can you make screenshots? I dont understand that. Sry^^. I know that there is no way to open this dialog from app side, but i dont get a dialog. Thanks.
  4. Hello, My device: Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 5.0 Poweramp: build-573 Fix: tag edit/track deletion on SD cards @ Lollipop (Poweramp will ask for write permission on SD card. Due to the bug in Android, this will fail for SD cards without label) My problem: I want to edit my tag, I click on "Get Support" --> "Grant Access", but nothing open to choose my SD Card. Please help me. When I use Root Explorer (I have no root) or QuickPic, it ask me at start for access and then it works fine.
  5. KingKuno

    Status Bar Bug

    Thank you. It works.
  6. Hello, I am new here. I have a problem using PA in my Status Bar. The Player is so big. The problem exists since I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Stock KK 4.4.2 or now JB 5.0. I use PA v2.0.10-build-571-play, but the problem exists also with former versions. How can I fix it? Or can you solve it? Thank you.