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  1. If I start playing a track from one folder in random mode it will play a good selection of songs but will continually go back to the same folders, maybe selecting songs from 15 folders from 120 plus available. If I then start a new random play from a previously unvisited folder it will then play tracks from another selection of folders but not from the whole amount available to it. These observations are based on months and months of listening for probably 2 to 4 hours a day.
  2. Thanks Andre but From a total of 122 folder, each containing a minimum of 10 tracks for the 'random' function to continually go back to the same folders, again and again is not a 'human noticing a pattern where none exsists' it's a human noticing that a random function isn't in fact being that random. I have used Poweramp now for a number of years, I listen to music with it I would say for at least 3 hours a day and today for example from that 122 folders in the course of just over and hour the selection of tracks chosen 'at random' remember the setting is 'Shuffle All tracks in All lists' cam
  3. PA on KitKat..Samsung S4 mini. Some tracks end prematurely, skipping to the next track half way through a song. Doesn't seem to be any particular track just does at random sometimes. Just wondering why?
  4. As a recent example. Shuffle All Songs on. Out of a choice of over 70 folders each containing at least 12 songs in each of ten songs played 4 played from one folder and 3 from another, so that is 7 songs from two albums played in a total of ten songs from thousands of tracks available, now that's NOT very random?
  5. I have read similar threads on here but none seems to answer this problem. When I select random shuffle, that's shuffle all songs in all lists although there are quite a few random songs being selected fro a list of over 50 folders it seems to keep going back to half a dozen folders much more than thev others. After hundreds of hour s of listening it still has yet to visit a lot of the folders. I have updated the library's etc via the scan for music option. Any ideas?
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