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  1. It happens as soon as the Bluetooth is disconnected. I can watch the phone as I turn off the truck and it resets to zero immediately.
  2. I listen to audio books mostly in my truck over the Bluetooth stereo. I am in and out a lot throughout the day. The audio tracks are usually hours long. EVERY time I turn off my truck or disconnect from that Bluetooth in ANY WAY even if just for a few minutes, even if I pause the track first, the track ALWAYS STARTS OVER AGAIN AT THE BEGINNING! It is extremely frustrating to constantly have to find the point in the track where I left off every time I step out of the truck for a few minutes. Is there any way to pick up where I left off in these long tracks? I can understand starting at the beginning of a 3 minute song, but this is a huge hassle on longer audio tracks. There should be an option in the settings menu so people can choose how they want Poweramp to act in this case.
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