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  1. I use MusicBee, and so far it's been fantastic, some little quirks too it, but overall a good player. I'm at about a 20,100 file collection.
  2. Two suggestions: 1.) Suggested by me in another thread: Pinch to zoom grid size in folder and album view. Current 2x2 grid would be furthest zoom in, smallest would be whatever is best given the DPI and resolution variance of Android devices. Text/detail/list view would be farthest zoom-out, but should require repeating the action, so when zooming out, there would be a "stop" on the smallest thumbnail size. 2.) Crossfade length should also be a text-editable setting, in addition to current slider. Stopping on the desired length is hard enough on a tablet, so must be really difficult on a s
  3. Apreciate that! Yeah, it's simple, intuitive, and won't take up any space in the options menu. And it provides a live preview of how big or small the grid size is. Maybe do a two step pinch-to-zoom to bring it to list format, so zooming "out" (pinching in) will stop at small thumbnails, and would require lifting off the screen, then redoing the action to bring it down one step further to text/list only.
  4. Yeah, I've noticed that. i appreciate the reply. like I mentioned, I had it working sort of before, before I wiped my device. Most of the time, my external HDD will always be connected, most likely residing in my glove box after the install. (For this simple fact, I may look into an SSD, because of temp extremes during Chicago winters and summers, as SSD's have a wider operating temp range) As long as I disable all auto-scanning type features, it works quite well. The HDD takes a couple seconds to reinitialize after power is restored (simulating starting car), and so far it successfully cont
  5. Figured I'd chime in: I have 20,047 music files residing on a 250GB External NTFS formatted hard drive, the only time I encounter stuttering is when alphabet-browsing through "All Songs" within the library. And by stuttering, I'm talking like an 8-second lockup. Other methods work fine, folder view, artist, album, etc. It's probably just related to the delay of a mechanical hard drive. I do have a lot of images, though. I think eventually I will use my MusicBee player on my PC to transfer my entire library by embedding album art in the MP3's. (Instead of just manually transferring my music c
  6. Might I suggest a pinch-to-zoom zoom control when viewing by Folders? (And in album view within Library as well)
  7. Is there a way for the app to remember the contents of a USB drive after it was swapped out for a different one? Normally an automatic rescan wouldn't be a problem, but I am using a 250gb external hard drive, and a rescan takes approximately 5-10 minutes. I had it sort of working at one point, but forgot to backup/write down my settings before flashing a new ROM + Kernel. What I would like it to do: Scan my HDD once, successfully populate Library with 20,000+ MP3's. Wipe library if device is removed. Scan new USB flash drive upon insertion. (Should be seconds compared to a HDD) Remember,
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