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  1. Maybe, but I just tried (installed for testing) PlayerPro, JetAudio and few others and none of them freezes/... So, it's a PA problem unfortunately.
  2. I've done formatting for lot of times, different cards, formatting in phone|on PC, different file systems,...
  3. Everywhere, widgets, main app controls, library, notification in status bar. Formatting is not a source of a problem, other player works just fine.
  4. Скачал первый попавшийся https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=media.music.mp3player.musicplayer Без затыков переключает треки, любые.
  5. проверю что угодно и как угодно, Вы только скажите что и как.. Почти на что угодно пойду )
  6. to be most objective - advice any player you want and I'll try it and tell you results..
  7. ) Of course I waited, minutes, hours... Can make some video of it if you want
  8. Android 7 phone is just booted 5x5 widget on main screen clicking on Next Track icon and it starts to play next track in ... 10 secs!! Other time it change track immediately. So, no any logic, all the time it switches with different time. MicroSD car new, with another new card is the same. Other players changing track immediately! Suggest please..
  9. Hello. Is it possible to implement: above the cover show lyrics on widget. Or instead of the cover... ? http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=194117&view=findpost&p=31987396
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