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  1. Hi everybody. Writing from Huawei mate s marshmallow, emui 4.0.0, launcher NOVA PRIME, with last version of power amp full edition. I use Sony headphones and alpine radio with Bluetooth connection but there is no way that I can play/stop/rev/fwd using controls. Just volume actually works. It is something related to Poweramp, because with another player like black player, for example, everything works great. Please help me!!!
  2. same as egx11. Even if I get the dialogue and select the folder it is impossible to delete any track.
  3. Hello, I'm experiencing the same bug, i.e. audio tracks skipping using LG G3 with Lollipop and bluetooth car stereo (Alpine UTE 72BT). I've tried to maximise buffer size and tweak priority, but did not solve the problem. Let me take this chance to notice you that I'm not able to give Poweramp the correct priority when I turn on the car stereo: if I press Play on the radio sometimes starts G3 default player, sometimes not; moreover, if I disable the G3 default music player and pair the devices, my car display shows correctly the track going on, but no audio comes out! To solve this I have to pair/unpair devices a bunch of time... Please help me! I don't want to switch to another player, Poweramp is surely the best! Thanks
  4. Thank you very much for the answer. How could i suggest to implement it as a new feature for the next release? I think it has a big graphical positive impact on the list!
  5. Hello everybody! Does anybody know if it Is possible to view the artist avatar in the "Artist" list? Many thanks! Giuseppe
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