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  1. THX .... it works fine. I've searched the options but this one I haven't found! Kind regards Heiko
  2. Build 828 Hello, In using Queue I cannot use Shuffle! I do not know why? In normal non queued mode shuffle works as expected! I tried all different shuffle modes - for all modes the same. A songs will be played in the order they are added. Any hints? Kind regards Heiko Elger
  3. Each time there is an update of Poweramp (android play store) Poweramp tries to verify the purchase in playstore. If it's not possible cause of offline, no mobile data .... Poweramp will not work .... That's really annoying. I've had this problem while staying in Turkey last week multiple times. In hotel I've got an update (WiFi) and later on the beach (offline) Poweramp stops playing after some minutes. Is this the normal behaviour? Regards ente59
  4. Version :alpha build 703 (full version) Hello all together, i've just bought a new Sony MDR-100ABN headset. I connected it with bluetooth - not with NFC. Device conntects automatically, Poweramp will begin to play but the volume is always reset to zero? Why? I always have to increase the volume. Sometimes same behaviour with pause and resume. After resuming the volume is zero too. I've other devices Jabra, Mpow or JBL ... with these devices I've not this problem. Is this a known problem? Can anyone give me a hint to solve my problem
  5. Hello all, I think this is a FAQ but I searched the forum already but I cannot find an answer to my question. How can I change the layout (add/change items) which are displayed in the folder/libray list. I see the following in the list: title, length (of title), artist, album name - thats all. How can I add the "track number" to be displayed in this list. Best regards ente59
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