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  1. Would love to see this and would practically use a lot for parties, now that phone/tablet screen can be cast to TV via WiFi direct. ProjectM is a perfect example of what I mean. It has special Poweramp mode too.
  2. I find this request quite useless. As an android dev myself, also impractical The press+hold of Volume keys already has functions assigned to them - Quick continuous volume inrease/decrease. You either have that or track skip but not both. There is always going to be a preference divide of users on this matter. So I vote for leave the volume buttons alone. Use lock screen widget to change tracks. This is the best music app on Android since the day dot. Great work fellas.
  3. So here is what came to my mind when I wanted to replay a 1hr long track from a certain point. That reminded me of the good old cue points I used to deal with back in time when Flash programming was fashionable The idea is to have - a UI control, which when pressed will register the time point (cue point) of currently playing track, and - makes another UI control available to seek to that exact time again when pressed - would be cool to be able to create a stack of cue points (not just one) Would be fairly easy to implement since this is purely UI enhancement that virtually requires 0
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