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  1. OK, so despite the lack of library options (which is super annoying but I understand the whole beta/test version I'm in) I'm fairly happy with the new GUI. Few things: PLEASE make the pause button bigger. I understand taking away the others but the pause, especially with the graphic representation behind it, is entirely too small and gets lost. Definitely having different sound issues. Same album on the last stable build is cranky on this build, losing sound at the higher end where it didn't before. VERY weird thing I'm experiencing just today, I have an album playing and the
  2. Is this still not fixed? I just reinstalled after not having it for weeks and it's still not working. This is insane.
  3. Did the full uninstall and reinstall from the APK and it didn't fix my issue.
  4. Restarting the phone doesn't reset it for me. I'm going to try the full uninstall and reinstall. Is it just the beta that's the issue with Oreo?
  5. I tried doing the 3 APKs and it will work once then stop. I'm also on a clean Oreo.
  6. I have a Note 8 with the Oreo update and am having the same issue, will not open at all. What is the official fix for this?
  7. Actually I think the tweaks you gave me might have worked! I'm going to try it out tomorrow. I've been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack nonstop so that'll give me a good amount of time to find out if this works. Thanks!
  8. I'm so sorry, I should have included that. It's an HTC One M9, running 6.0, the music is on my SD card. The bit rates are all different but they're all mp3. I'll check the dvc settings, thanks!
  9. Hi all, I've downloaded music to my computer and transferred it to my phone so I know this is a phone only issue. I'll be listening to music, whether using Bluetooth or a corded headset, and it pauses for less than a second but it does it constantly and never in the same place. Doesn't matter which file I'm playing, and I've played the same files on my computer and it does not skip at all.
  10. Agreed! Seems like the same albums are being played over and over.
  11. When creating a new equalizer setting it gives options for how to assign said setting, one of which is song. I've noticed that even if I choose for a single song instead of all songs it stays on that setting for all songs anyway. Considering my library is a mix of old and new music I'd love to be able to set eq's for individual songs that way I didn't have to change it every song. Am I not understanding this preset? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. If you press the icon to the left of the song title and artist (which changes depending on what you're playing, either shuffle or playlist) it takes you one step back. When you go back to the list there's an arrow at the top that will take you a further step back.
  13. I have an HTC One M8 on Sprint running Lollipop and had been experiencing the same issues, but I was having issues with a lot of different widgets not working. I got a service pack update from HTC and my widgets have been working fine ever since.
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