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  1. I finally gave up and just bought Gonemad. While I would have preferred to support Poweramp, the lack of Opus support this long after it was ratified as a standard is unacceptable. This many years worth of empty promises just doesn't inspire me to invest in a product. Gonemad so far has been rock solid, and it supports everything I've thrown at it without issue. I've transcoded my library to Opus at 96kbps. OGG Vorbis was already quite fine at 96kbps but with the improvement in quality Opus provides it has glossed over virtually all the few rough spots Vorbis had at that bitrate.
  2. I just installed Poweramp about 2 weeks ago and it's now nagging me to buy it, which I had every intention of doing since it's a great player. My very near future intention is to change my mobile library from OGG Vorbis to Opus. All my music is stored on a FreeBSD ZFS array in FLAC format so format shifting is just a simple transcode away. Before plunking down my hard earned money for this player I decided to make sure my purchase would be at least a little future proof in supporting the highest quality, free, IETF standard codec currently available. Instead of finding a wonderful check mark o
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