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  1. +1 UI = Exceptional, as always, in all respects. But having the ability to access, via SMB, NFS, FTP... etc, my home network and stream tunes from my 500+ GB music library = Still No Worky. ? Sadly, I've had to resort to using BubbleUPnP to stream my tunes at home. I haven't opened up Poweramp in a couple months (I've just been using Viper to enhance the audio, and nothing else). For me, being able to *easily* access & stream all of my music that's shared on my home LAN, from a single app, is worth a thousand skins, or that one more really cool feature, and/or the F
  2. I have been having the same problem you had - action bar not on bottom, but "stuck" on top (I don't know exactly when it changed - I think it originally changed due to a skin I was using (shouldn't do that but it did), but I went back to the default skin soon after). The difference being I've gone to the "Look & Feel > Menu", and tried changing it to "Android Action Bar, & Bottom Action Bar" - no change. I've tried different variations of the settings, uninstalled/reinstalled, still won't budge. Using 4.3 on GS5;latest Poweramp. Any ideas would be welcome!
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