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  1. It would be really great if you can have a secondary sort rule. My preferred method of listening to an artist is chronological order. Currently, in Poweramp, when I order by year, it puts the albums in chronological order, but each album's tracks are put in alphabetical order rather than by track number. Which is stupid. What I propose is ordering albums by date rather than songs by date-which is what I assume is happening now. To clarify: I want to be able to click on an artist and easily play the first track of their first album all the way through their last track of their last album with little mediation by me. Listened as intended.
  2. i noticed today that Poweramp has not been scrobbling my music for quite some time. Coincidently Last.FM updated their app and changed a lot of things around. Anyone else notice the same? i tried clearing my app data Should also mention that the Last.FM icon does appear in the status bar every so often, making it seem like it is scrobbling. And sometimes my profile will say "scrobbling from Android" But no tracks are appearing on my profile. i managed to fix it. i reinstalled each app and it didnt seem to fix it, so i disabled scrobbling in Poweramp, restarted, then enabled it. That seems to have fixed it.
  3. I searched for "playing all songs" but I didn't get what I was looking for. The only "solution" I found was to change the sort order, but this did not affect playback at all. To clarify (and i believe this is what the OP was getting at): I want to long press an artist, choose play, and have the tracks played by album (album 1 track 1-10, album 2 track 1-10, album 3 track 1-10). I have the same problem when adding an artist to a queue. Based on what happens when I do that, tracks seem to be automatically played by overall track number (album 1 track 1, album 2 track 1, album 3 track 1, album 1 track 2, album 2 track 2, etc.). My song files are carefully arranged by album which are organised under artist (artist>album>track #. Song Name If you feel the solution is still in your thread, can you link it please? my current work around is to add artist to a playlist. This works, but I have to have a playlist for each artist.
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