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  1. OK, selecting advanced list under 'repeat off' after tapping the album art portion of the screen solved the Auto-Advance issue. I'm happy now. Cheers, Speedstra
  2. Hi Max, I love v2.0, no issues in general, sound is fantastic! My only gripe is Auto Advance using the Library function (so not the Folder option). In v1.4 I normally don't bother making playlists, I just select Play for a song via Artist>Album>Song and it then plays the song, the rest of that album and then the album next in line. When all of the Albums of that particular artist have played it automatically switches to the next Artist in line. Briljant, because that ensures there's always something to play. In V2.0 that works only for the next songs in the applicable album, but then PA stops playing, stating the the list is finished. I do have Auto Advance for library selected in the menu options. So is this a new ' feature' or a bug? Anyway, I would love to have Auto Advance working the way it was in V1.4 Kind Regards, Speedstra
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