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  1. Thanks for NO HELP anyway. I used Luckypatcher and now my purchased Poweramp works.Thats the only option how to make it work
  2. So my english i s poor so what.Your staff member who replies on support should be better than me and not just recopy the same 3 lines with mistakes. By the way thanks for help! I see that even here Poweramp staff wont help me. LOL
  3. I have the same problem with Licence Error #16 !!! I wrote to Poweramp support but this is useless. He told me to clear cash but its "CACHE" of Market Play app.You dont even write it right! I tried to uninstall Poweramp and unlocker and install them again.Nothing worked! I reflashed my intire firmware on LG G3 and it worked but only for a few days. I never used Luckypatched or anythinig! This aplication is WASTE of money and support is useless.I'm going to install cracked Poweramp when my paied version doesnt work !!
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