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  1. LG G Stylo, same problem. Other apps find my music, but Poweramp doesn't even see the card. Stock Marshmallow on Virgin Mobile. Not rooted, no custom roms.
  2. My Samsung Galaxy S5 just updated to lollipop. I would like to use Poweramp to update tags, but when I try it says it doesn't have permission (which I understand) and when I tap Get Support it tells me I need to select the MicroSD card in the access dialog and grant access to the app. When I tap Grant Access at the bottom of that message I am just returned to Poweramp and nothing has changed. What am I not getting?
  3. I am a newby to Poweramp (which I love) and the queue has always confused me. This discussion has helped me understand it a little better. So here's my question. How do you delete the queue without going to each individual item in the queue and deleting it? Right now I have 172 items in the queue and I don't have the patience to go through and delete each one individually.
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