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  1. Good day! Maybe it would be good to show year with the album from the album list? Thank you.
  2. Good day! Could you add another method to sort the list: "By artist-album-track number." That is, the tracks in the list will be grouped by artist and album (maybe a year of the album) and at the same time to go to the order in which they are in the album (by track number). Example: 1.Artist1-album1-[track1]2.Artist1-album1-[track2]3.Artist1-album2-[track1]4.Artist1-album2-[track2]5.Artist2-album1-[track1]6.Artist2-album1-[track2][view in playlist] Thank you.
  3. Good day! I would like to see the following features in the player: 1 When you press "play": clean existing system playlist called "Current playlist" and the selected item (artist, album, track) added to the "Current playlist". Playlist starts to play. 2.In the action menu ("queue", "play", etc.), add the item "add to current playlist", when clicked, the selected object is added to the "Current playlist" This functionality can be included as an option. I think this is a very beneficial impact would be on the use of your player Thank you.
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