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  1. For now I'll wait on the fix. For the first year or longer that I had Poweramp only the odd song had artwork displayed due to an embedded image. I ended up spending the better part of a day (plus a bit extra) to get all the artwork for my albums. It sounds like a solution will be coming relatively shortly although I do like your workflow. Max's pile of phones though...woah!
  2. This works well for albums, but not for assorted singles that are in the same directory. I've got 3 directories of mixed singles that have the artwork embedded into the MP3 files and these are the ones that aren't showing up, while the album directories all have cover.jpg and are showing up fine. Like a few have said this isn't a dealbreaker as I didn't purchase the app for the visuals (although it did get me to eventually track down all the album art for my collection), although I am looking forward to seeing the embedded artwork again.
  3. I'm also having the same problem and installed the 585 version of Poweramp. Unfortunately my mp3 files that have embedded images are still not displaying the album artwork. I tried both deleting the album art cache and doing a full rescan. The folders that have cover.jpg are displaying their album artwork properly. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Version: 6.0.1 Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-585-uni (Full Version) edit: my images are also showing the proper resolution in the properties of the file inside Poweramp but with a file size of 0 bytes
  4. Darn, that's going to be a lot of fast-forwarding! Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. I've had a few songs on my phone that give the message "Failed to play file!" before skipping the offending track and playing the next one. Is it possible to get Poweramp to generate a list of all the songs it can't play? I've got over 13,000 songs on my phone which would take a while to go through. My build version is 2.0.9-build-558-play according to the application manager.
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