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  1. Ok found disable visualisations.
  2. Have this update on my Galaxy S5 Andriod 6.0. I get the screen showing showing the album\track I have selected with all the buttons. However when I press play in a few seconds that screen disappears and on the visulstion shows. I havd to keep tapping the screen to find out what is playing and how fsr into yhe track. I always want to see this detail; as it was with the previous version. I don't really want the visulation anyway. I can't find the setting to keep the detail screen. Any advice please?
  3. Sorry but more problems. All ok until automatic update to latest version; problems return. How do I stop automatic updates to fix at version 588?
  4. Thank you. Seems to be working ok now.
  5. Where can I get build 588 and will my unlocker work with that?
  6. I using an old Andriod 4.2.2 phone as a stand alone music player. No SIM card, so no mobile data but with wifi available when at home; most use is at home. Lately all sorts of problems. Keeps reporting player stops, pop up error messages "Unfortunately, Powamp has stopped" etc. So uninstalled both Poweramp and its unlocker. Then reinstalled both from Playstore; version alpha-build-709-play (Full Version). Still pop ups; report or ok stops player. Player is now unuseable. Can anyone please advise on how to fix for this phone?
  7. I may not be clear in what I thought would happen. Library > Genres yes List mode available. But Library > Genres > Classical or Jazz or Pop etc only Grid mode available whereas I thought List mode would also be available there?
  8. In Library I have the "View As" set as List however it only show as grid; even after reboot of phone/tablet? I prefer simple lists for most things. Why does Poweramp not follow its own instructions?
  9. athegn


    I think I had resolved my use of casting, at least with the Google Chromecast Audio dongle. I go to Google Home on my S5 phone, select menu, then Cast screen/audio and casting is on until I disconnect. I can then use any music player; I use Poweramp as it is my favourite. Not so worried about having casting inside Poweramp!
  10. Thank you the V3 beta; so far works as I want except for casting. I would like to add support to those asking for early implementation Chromecast for my favourite player.
  11. TheoKlink Android 6.0 Marshmellow has, on some devices, changed the SD card to an alpha/numeric path http://androidforums.com/threads/sd-card-showing-as-number.1091154/
  12. Funny enough but no. Just after installing your app I rechecked and found I had put the actual mp3 in the wrong place:-; As I am going to re-address what mp3 to store and where and what playlists I will need, your app will be used.
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