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  1. Hello Andre, Just as I was going to update manually, the automatic update published yesterday on Google Play downloaded successfully, thanks for your help! There must have been something wrong with the previous version uploaded last week. Jerome
  2. HI, I have a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (Android 4.1.2) with Poweramp 2.0.9 build 558 installed. The widgets don't display square album art (which represents the vast majority of my library), but they display landscape, 16:9 album art. Besides, the widget don't always display the correct track. They seem to lag 2 or 3 tracks behind, Android 4.1.2 and 2.0.9 build 558. Is it because of the hardware limitations imposed by the Pocket Neo or something? I haven't tried on another device. Thanks Jerome
  3. Hello, The version installed on my Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (Android 4.1.2) is 2.0.9 build 556 where the latest build to hit Google Play on 14-JUN is 558, how long does it typically take for a device to get the update? I could uninstall/reinstall but I'm afraid to lose all my album art. EDIT: I purchased a license end of May. Back then, the build was 555, so at least I received one automatic update via Google Play from 555 to 556 since my purchase. After that, nothing. The "About" menu reads as follows: Version/Changelog 2.0.9-build-556-play (Full Version) Purchase Verified Store: Play Thanks Jerome
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