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  1. Yes, please, please add support for sorting the Artist list by the ARTISTSORT field. I would like my artists sorted by their last name, not first name. The Sony Walkman recognizes the artistsort field, why not Poweramp?
  2. When I search for "o", should match artist with "ò "or "õ" or "ö" or "ó", etc, in the name... Very important. I have many tracks with foreign names and lots of accents and other types of diacritic / diacritical mark characters. Please add this type of loose/fuzzy search as default. Thanks!!!!
  3. I read that Poweramp uses its own library. So does this mean it will grab all the songs on my sd card in /music folder and create its own copies of them? I have a 32GB sd card with a bunch of music on it. I do not want any files duplicated, there would not be enough space and I need it for other uses.
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