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  1. I suppose FLAC is what I should settle for then, they don't have the tagging problems as I've bought them before on Bandcamp, good suggestion, thanks. It's just too get that little bit more out of the songs you know, especially with good modern recordings done in studio with good mics etc. But yeah I can convert to FLAC no problem.
  2. Yeah I had actually tried it before and it didn't work, but maybe the order was important, I already forgot it.. clear app data then move it to phone storage from sd card then reboot phone.. That could've been it. Can I ask since I'm here why wav files don't show up with their full information in Poweramp? I recently synced 99 songs (9 CD's) all wave files and the only thing that shows up is the song title.. I know this is a problem with wavs in general so I'm assuming the issue isn't on Poweramp's end but.. I'm not renaming 99 songs, which in Poweramp would have to be done individually, that's right, each and every song. Is there anything Poweramp can do, any kind of future update to help with wav files? I actually recall having to do this for every single wave file before, but they were random at the time.
  3. Yep, that seemed to have worked.. I guess. My phone was having problems updating apps so I think that was part of the problem but once I restarted the phone and turned on WIFI every single app updated itself. The export option is now there, although it's not working it doesn't matter as I remember most of the settings anyway etc. Thanks for chiming in Andre.
  4. Reading through this old post, (2nd last post at bottom) makes me think the problem is that Poweramp was configured for my HTC ONE V when it was installed, and now that I just took out the microsd card and put it into the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it has screwed up the interface to such a degree that its not configured properly, that is simply the only explanation for this right now, so I'm going to try and reinstall the app. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3105-access-to-settings-menu-without-menu-button/page-2 Seriously, this just doesn't make sense, to try and explain this tech problem over the internet without showing a video or being there in person is extremely difficult, and if uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't work I might consider just buying it again.. but then I might have to delete it first.. Hmm.
  5. Damn links aren't working, how do you post screenshots?
  6. Hi Andre, those screenshots are from google images, cuz I wasn't sure how to take screenshots, but I can do it now. These are from my "HTC One V" phone ^ And these are from the Note 2 down below, So as you can see the two phones have very different interfaces and I don't understand why it turned out like this and am asking for help. Apparently there's a way to export settings but I can't do that on either phone, that exact 3 dotted icon doesn't appear on either phone beside "Poweramp Settings", but I'm pretty sure the app's fully updated, even if it wasn't it should still appear right? Why the hell does Poweramp all of sudden change its interface. Edit: links to screenshots removed.
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I simply had to create an account to address some issues I've been having with Poweramp. I really haven't seen these issues mentioned in the topic titles so I'm assuming both of these problems are new (more or less).. First off I just wanna say I love this app to bits, it's so smooth and ergonomically designed just the way I like a music player's UI to be, and have been using it for over a year now on a HTC One V model. But now I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I have moved the micro sd card from the old phone to the new Note 2 phone and reinstalled the payed version (payed for last year in 2013 or late 2012), for all I know this is bound not to work properly but I didn't think there would be any problems doing this. (?) The problem is the UI has changed a lot and is very restrictive, on my old HTC it would look these images - with folders and library at the bottom with Poweramp icon on left side to go directly to the playing track. https://lh4.ggpht.com/xcmQEiqhvpPD5LS903EyK_YsoDPiUXInze83ffjl93NIwEPQf4czSU0h6FjT75a9D0Y=h900 and this image, the main menu with All Songs, Artist, Album, etc http://powerampapp.com/wp-content/themes/Poweramp/images/big/library-1.jpg But now the Folders/Library is on the top instead, and the Library button which I press often to get to the menu is not functioning, it doesn't operate, do anything, so I can't access the menu so it just doesn't exist, in fact it still appears the original way on my old phone right now even though all the music's on the card. I would greatly appreciate feedback from a Poweramp official that can tell me what's going wrong here as I simply cannot use the app at all this way :/ Wolfson DAC in Note 2 + Poweramp is a win combo! Thanks guys.
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