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  1. I dont get your problem guys...

    In the settings there is an option to temporary pause the playback while a notification and continue playing afterwards.

    For me its working fine :)




    Yes, but this pauses the music playback. This sounds ugly but it's ok when there are not many shour audio focuses. But in case of using GPS and driving into a citty, the music is stopping every 2 seconds or less (wich is hell annoying) each time the GPS is saying where to go. So you would probably tell now to disable that feature. But with it dissabled the music doesn't stops, wich is ok, but it is too loud now to understand what the GPS is saying. In the stock players (or most of android players) the volume of the sound goes down by 50% or 75% so the music still continues on shor audio focuses but it is lower enaugh to understand what the GPS (or other short audio focus) app is saying.

  2. I once opened a topic asking for the same a while ago (Registered on the forum just for asking for that)


    I've seen that there are many topics asking for the same. But the developers doesn't seem to have any interest on this. Some feedback from the devs would be nice at least.. 


    I'm not sure if the Devs have abandoned the Poweramp proyect.. Or they just don't care. Still hope for some feedback (Some day)..

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