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  1. Nope. I'm having the same effect. My radio is not issuing a 'play command' after connection, but it still starts playing auto-magically after connecting to the head unit. This is not an undesired effect though, as it seems to be working more consistently than it did before with the Poweramp Headset MicroService (Sometimes it wouldn't autostart, though this was not very usual). The curious thing is that I just noticed that I have the option "Continue on Bluetooth connection" turned OFF in Poweramp but it's still starting. One thing to note is that I recently upgraded to Android 6.0, so I d
  2. BUG: I have problems playing HE-AACv2 Files. Heavy skipping happening (as if it would be playing the audio at 500% speed), and finally it just says "Decoder timed out". MP3, AAC LC and AAC-HEv1 Files seems to be playing fine. Using MediaMonkey I can play the HE-AACv2 Files without any problems so its an Poweramp decoder issue. In the attachment is a sample song, which has that issue. Can somebody else test it and see if it's working? {My phone Moto G 2014 (Android 6.0 - Nexus Xperience ROM)} bensound-epic.m4a
  3. This one would be awesome as "light-theme". I like the design. I just don't like the Tab-Category design to switch between Now Playing/Albums/Folders.. and so on. From an ergonomical standpoint, its just plain awful to be scrolling trough all the Tabs to find out that the one you're looking for is the last one (And I'm not talking the cpu/gpu overhead it requires to render and generate each of the views you don't want to see anyway while scrolling). As far as I could see, almost all of the "Modern Look" music players I could find in the Play Store, are using that awful "Tab" design approach.
  4. Would be awesome to have the volume ducking on short audio focus feature marked as priority too.. It really cannot be so difficult to lower the pre-amp during the short audio focus and restore it to its previous state once it finished. I'm glad that at least now we have the alpha/betas.. Now it feels that something is being done. Looking forward for the next build.
  5. Any chances to have "Volume Ducking" implemented on "Short Audio Focus"? Or at leasty any news of the progress on Poweramp 3 (if any)? Greetings.
  6. Hello Chris 898, I registered on this forum one or two years ago to ask the same question (http://goo.gl/VszHWx). Seems that many people are asking for the same but this feature is still being ignored. One of the developers told that it's unlikely that this feature will appear before Poweramp V3. I use Shuttle+ (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=another.music.player) while I'm in my Car using the GPS. Shuttle+ supports volume ducking (as many other android music players). That way I can still listen to music and hear wherever the GPS is telling me something. So I guess that i
  7. Still waiting for a reply from the developers about this topic.. No news if this will be implemented or no. Are the devs scared of this feature or what? On all the topics.. No damn reply. In case they're too lost with the code.. It shouldn't be so difficult to implement: http://developer.android.com/training/managing-audio/audio-focus.html#DUCK and turn the "Pre-Amp" down 65% during the audio focus event.
  8. A reply from the developers would be nice, seems they don't give a f*** about the many topics asking for this feature!!!!! +1
  9. A reply from the developers would be nice, seems they don't give a f*** about the many topics asking for this feature!!!!! +1
  10. You can disable this by going to "Settings>Headset/Bluetooth" there you have to untick the option "Resume On Bluetooth". That should disable that feature. If this doesn't works then it's probably an Poweramp bug wich won't be fixed unless some miracle happens. Don't expect the developers to read or interact in this forum.
  11. Yes, but this pauses the music playback. This sounds ugly but it's ok when there are not many shour audio focuses. But in case of using GPS and driving into a citty, the music is stopping every 2 seconds or less (wich is hell annoying) each time the GPS is saying where to go. So you would probably tell now to disable that feature. But with it dissabled the music doesn't stops, wich is ok, but it is too loud now to understand what the GPS is saying. In the stock players (or most of android players) the volume of the sound goes down by 50% or 75% so the music still continues on shor audio focuse
  12. I once opened a topic asking for the same a while ago (Registered on the forum just for asking for that) [http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6256-lower-volume-on-short-audio-focus-bluetooth-navigation-please-developer-answer/]. I've seen that there are many topics asking for the same. But the developers doesn't seem to have any interest on this. Some feedback from the devs would be nice at least.. I'm not sure if the Devs have abandoned the Poweramp proyect.. Or they just don't care. Still hope for some feedback (Some day)..
  13. Hello, this has been already many times asked in this Forum. I'm talking about 'Short Audio Focus' and Poweramp. Actually the only way that Poweramp handles 'Short Audio Focus' is pausing the song. This is actually nice if you have headphones connected and you don't want to listen to your song on the external loudspeaker when a message or whatever arrives. Ok, till there everything is fine. But it's not the same while connected via Bluetooth to your car head unit. So in combination with a Navigation app (Let's say TomTom for example) + Poweramp, every time the navigation says you should turn
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