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  1. With a single song it shows the same song as the next song. I have a galaxy s2 int (i9100), and have had this issue on both CyanogenMod, and OmniRom(which is what I am currently using), everything else works as expected though. I have also installed the latest version from http://powerampapp.com/download/Poweramp-2.0.9-build-555-uni.apk
  2. Normally "all", but I tried the other repeats too and same situation.
  3. Hello, when I bought the app queues were working properly. You would enqueue the song, start the queue, then you would play all the songs, and it would go back to previous list. Now if you enqueue the song it will repeat the song until you tell it to play some other song. Now it doesn't work, and I am not very happy with the app. My use case for the queues was listening to random songs until I feel like listening to a specific song, searching that song and enqueuing it, after which I want to return to random songs. Anyway to accomplish this with the current app?
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