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  1. Microsoft has been struggling in the cell phone market mainly because of lack of good apps as compared to iOS and Android. Microsoft recently announced that repackaged versions of android apps written in android codes will work on windows phones with Windows10. If Windows10 phones become popular can we expect Poweramp for them?
  2. If nothing helps, wipe/factory reset phone and see if the problem still exists, alot of my friends have wide variety of problems updating lollipop and reset helped them.
  3. Hey guys I am using a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with Android v 2.3.6(S5360DXLL1), Linux Kernel v #1)(Custom ROM). Problems: 1. While scrolling through a list of songs using the scroll button, the 'first letter balloon' doesn't appear which used to in all the previous versions of the app. Here is a link to the screenshot of the feature working when scrolling through contacts list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5Y_nury4NCN0h5NVp0NmlRVEE/view?usp=sharing 2. There is a graphical glitch in the folder screen that always happens when the app is not playing any song(and I have Folder screen as startup default) when I exactly do the following: Hit play button on widget>*song starts playing*>tap on widget and launch the app>*app opens player screen and immideatly goes to folder screen*>tap bottom left extreem button>*app goes to player screen*>hit "Back" button>*folder screen with the glitch appears* Here is a link to the screenshot of the glitch(look at the top 20% part of the screen, the texture color is of the thumbnail of the first folder- brown): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz5Y_nury4NCUlRLUlFKczEtdEE/view?usp=sharing 3. Sometimes at phone startup the widget/app does not start automatically and shows <no song selected> and so on till I manually launch the app by tapping on widget. 4. Overall the app feels slower than previous versions. Hope this helps
  4. Some debit/credit cards don't work with paypal because of international transaction issues with certain banks. I had lost a dollar trying to buy 1 year subscription of WhatsApp. Its probably paypal/bank issue.
  5. +1 would love if dowoaded album arts could be embed by us(also replacing the currently embed album art or keep it as per our convenience) since Poweramp deletes all the downloaded covers for individual songs when uninstalled. I think the album art files that Poweramp creates in the song files directory are only for viewing in "Folders" inside the app.
  6. Whats drop shadow? i don't see any changes in main player screen in the background whether i have enabled or disabled "No shadow"
  7. The devs don't reply unless your topic is hot or has most replies while advanced members like Andre often helps out even stupid problems
  8. Please Max i created an account just for this request, because i sweat a bit before tapping delete afraid that i would lose the song file. This can happen to others too so m just requesting for other peoples sake, i know now what that button does
  9. Hey guys when you want to "Remove" a song from a "Created" playlist you have to go to the drop down menu and tap "Delete" please rename this button as "Remove" because it just deletes the song entry from the playlist and not the song file. I have a non play version of Poweramp. Thank You
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