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  1. Wow...the app look and feel is great. The audio quality is supreme !!!! My goshhhh !!! Love it. How do you do it, the OpenSL ES HD Output is just wow. Never heard any player play this loud and neat on my device via bluetooth on my OnePlus 5T. Bugs so far : Previous song ticker not visible in lock screen. Cant sort files and folders in particular sort orders (missing when pressed ) I highly commend you max for keeping your word this time and I will if needs be spend more money on this app. Sweeet. I uninstalled previous version completely and installed the latest beta..recognised my purchased as verified and it worked with no hickups. Thanks and Regards...look forward to final release.
  2. Great DDD19 this is what works. perfect. !!!!!!!!!!!!! After you hit delete...it will ask to grant access...click grant access......it takes you to a file explorer......... then you select the sd card on the left.....and you click the option with all the numbers in the bottom. This will take you back to Poweramp Then you go back to select. Edit info/tags and ....... Voila !!!! You can now edit the tags.
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