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  1. Wow...the app look and feel is great. The audio quality is supreme !!!! My goshhhh !!! Love it. How do you do it, the OpenSL ES HD Output is just wow. Never heard any player play this loud and neat on my device via bluetooth on my OnePlus 5T. Bugs so far : Previous song ticker not visible in lock screen. Cant sort files and folders in particular sort orders (missing when pressed ) I highly commend you max for keeping your word this time and I will if needs be spend more money on this app. Sweeet. I uninstalled previous version completely an
  2. Its nice that you mention version 588 cause 588 doesnt work on Oreo which is even more disapointing cause it means you must get the beta version. My point remains " Poweramp is good but the users deserve more and two years no update isnt good enough " I know development takes time, but remember if you want users to remain interested in an app you sell it must be up to date or recent in its functionality. Poweramp app is not the only music app out there, while others are constantly refreshing theirs, Poweramp is 2 years behind in release development. This is my final reply on this and many use
  3. Dude...... The point is the last update was 2 years ago Fullstop. I and many others have purchased this app and deserve more. Im on the latest and greatest and I should get all what I payed for OK. You have a beta thats over two years old ?...come on, 3 versions of android has been released since then. Player Pro is always ensuring their app is updated and their player is not as good as Poweramp but at least they give their users the support they need and deserve. For too long I see people on here having issues in Poweramp via the forum and not an update done since 2016. Unacceptable.
  4. This progress is slow..too slow ... especially to the many persons who have paid for this app like myself. Two years and no development, I think we deserve better as I personally loved Poweramp over the years and it has remained my favourite music player. However with nougat and oreo there are quite alot of bugs and I mean for 2018 we want something that looks more modern, more material, more functional etc.
  5. Can you give us an idea of when there will be a new release. To at least support themes and maybe a lil something extra ?????? I mean ive been on the beta since April and we now in October. However I must say Poweramp still is the greatest and best audio player app out there. Nothing sounds or functions better. I havent had any issues using the beta 703 since April except with sound cracking which was easily fixed by turning off DVC. Thanks Again
  6. Just reporting that I did use the High Res Audio Output via headphones. Turned off Direct Volume Control in Advanced Tweaks as well as NO DVC enabled on the the high res output options. The audio is sweeeeeeet. No clipping and no audio breaks. Amazing audio clarity. Thanks @andrewilley for your help. I have a Galaxy Note 4 device running stock Samsung Marshmallow 6.0.1.
  7. OK, Will do and tell you of my findings
  8. Thanks, this answered most of my questions. Great guys...looking foward to the new beta build or final build soooon :-) Glad i got a Galaxy Note 4 to support the Hi Res audio output.
  9. So you are saying to use the Hi Res output and that the Note 4 does support it. I have an Exynos variant of the Note 4, will this work as well ? just asking
  10. I agree....why...lolol. Poweramp is great and unique, no need to follow the others. its perfect just need a few audio performance tweaks in the current 703 beta release.
  11. Its a great upgrade except I get alot of clipping taking place sometimes and randomly while playing music. The music play used to sound as smooth as silk with clarity right through. Im using all defaults and also currently running it on my Galaxy Note 4.Also when will the newer beta version be released, at least to use themes. I miss my Material Theme in white and green. The black and white isnt enough. :-) keep working to improve Poweramp, the best music player period for android, worth every penny.
  12. Great DDD19 this is what works. perfect. !!!!!!!!!!!!! After you hit delete...it will ask to grant access...click grant access......it takes you to a file explorer......... then you select the sd card on the left.....and you click the option with all the numbers in the bottom. This will take you back to Poweramp Then you go back to select. Edit info/tags and ....... Voila !!!! You can now edit the tags.
  13. ok guys ive found the fix to this issue which i have been battling with for months since kitkat came about. The issue would happen with all music players including Poweramp where at random times music playback would stop and you will have to restart your device to get it playing again. In my research what i came across had something to do with the FUSE driver used with KITKAT roms on devices which have an Exynos 4210 chipset. What i did and solved the problem is that i formated my internal and external SDCARD as exFAT. You will need to use a clockworkmod recovery and from the mounts and storag
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