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  1. Hello, Movil device: SONY XPERIA ZL Version: Poweramp 2.0.9-build-554-play (i think the last one, i've kept it updated) Abdroid: 4.3 My problem is that the sound quality of my Poweramp is very poor. I've compared the quality between Poweramp, Google Music (equalizer: MusicFX) and Walkman (Sony music player, equalizer: ClearSound+ activated). At first, with Poweramp the audio volumen was very low, then when i disabled MusicFX in Tone/Volumen setting the audio volumen increased, but the sound quality is markedly poorer (average, with a little of noise for what i can note) then Google Music Player or SONY's Walkman. I think maybe MusicFX isn't working well, and if it would work properly the sound quality would be very good (same as Google Music or better) as expected. Thanks for your help. Regards.
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