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  1. Problem solved, at least temporarily. Poweramp expects (AFAIK) utf-8 encoded cue files, so I just vim-ed the files and overwrote them.
  2. Hi, I've just submitted my bug report using the google form. I'm opening this thread because this discussion might help other people or lead to a better characterisation of the problem. My data, copied from the google form: Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III, Android 4.3 Poweramp build: 2.0.9-build-554-play (Full Version) Kernel details: Kernel 3.0.31-2168382 se.infra@R0301-02 #1 28 Nov 2013 Issue:I've noticed that Poweramp doesn't parse certain cuesheets that I use in combination with FLAC or AAC files. Here is an example, ripped directly from my original CD; I can play the AAC file separately,
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