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  1. My version is 2.0.9-build-554-play(Full Version) And I have searched "too many failed files", both on this site and on other sites. Most of the references boil down to unsupported file types, or the problem seems more persistant than mine. My problem is not persistent, all files are Mp3, and the failure occasionally triggers another problem(Unknown artist). I also have come across many rederences to files with "unknown arist/unknown album". None of those references describe my problem - wherein the issue occurs after the "too many failed files" event, and there is a random element as to which/how many files are affected. None of the references I have seen have offered a cause that triggers my problem or a solution/workaround that solves my issues, so I am posting here for help. If there are no solutions to my problem, then I will have to wait for the update that is in the works (?? so I have read ??) and hope that that will solve my issues. Thank you.
  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. I am running Android 4.1.2. My music is on a 32g SD card. All files are Mp3 format. I seem to have an intermittent version of the "too many failed files. Playing will stop now" error. A song will suddenly stop mid-play, I will get the "failed to play file" message, then all subsequent songs get the same message, until it trips the "too many failed files" error. However... This is always temporary. Sometimes all I have to do is go into the library and start another song. Sometimes I have to wait 5 minutes and then I can do that. Sometimes I have to reboot the phone. In all cases, the failed files will be playable again. This happens at least once in a 3-4 hour period of listening to music. It also only happens when shuffling. Never when on sequential play. Whenever I get this error, I also seem to have a random chance of none/one/several/many songs become designated as "unknown artist/unknown album" in the folders. The tags are actually still there - if I go into the Poweramp tag editing screen and save without making any changes, the tags will be restored. The songs are still playable, even if I do not restore the tags, Poweramp is just not displaying the tags correctly. The tags are visible and properly displayed in other media players. The only time the songs have that random chance to become designated as 'unknown artist/unknown album' is after I get the too many failed files error. It does not happen every time (maybe 10% of the time this will happen), and it does not happen to the same files - it appears to be random. I hope someone can help me figure out what is causing this!!
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