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  1. Hi, I LOVE Poweramp. I searched for a while before I found a player that had amazing features, all included in one, such as playlists, queues, album art downloads, and a rating system. Great job on development! My question is in regards to rating. I've rated a few songs with 1 star, because I don't like them, and want to keep them out of my playlists (as a way to identify which songs I don't like). So anyway, then I realized that the only way to play top-rated songs is to enqueue them or add them to a playlist from the top-rated list. It is most convenient to use "select all" from this list, so I can either enqueue or add them to a playlist. Ok, so now that I have given some brief background, here is my question: I would like to remove the rating on the songs that I rated with 1 star, so that they don't show up in the top-rated list at all, and I don't have to keep removing them each time. Is there a way to clear the rating that I have given to a specific song? I do not want to clear all ratings, just those select few. I did look around this forum, the help page, and the FAQ page, but I did not find anything related to this subject. Please forgive me if I missed something. Thanks very much for your time and this very helpful forum! Nate
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