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  1. It sucks but this problem is still existing and so I finally uninstalled Poweramp. Sucks to say, but after seeing no movement on this or word of a fix, I decided to use Neutron player and this has been pretty much perfect. There was a slight pausing glitch, but otherwise I've been playing tracks for the past 3 hours without any problems.
  2. I'm running into this as well using 4.4.2. Just yesterday I changed my kernel and updated my rom (Carbon rom on an LG Optimus G) Its very frustrating because audio will be playing perfectly and then randomly bzzzzzz, bzz, pause, bzzz and then continue playing. It seems like its due to activity in the background in Android OS. I'm only using headphones. I've tried changing all my OS kernel settings, governor, scheduler, buffers etc but nothing has made a lick of difference. I love Poweramp and have used it since day one on Android, but I've never had problems like this in the past with earlier Android versions.. this is the first time actually I've had any problems with Poweramp ever!
  3. ^Thank you for the tips. I have not used the lockscreen at all, I always disable it. I do have it set to download artwork though. Are there settings that are better to use for Poweramp? Specific scheduler/governer? Or does this not really matter to PAmp?
  4. Yknow what, I was having trouble with the rom I was running.. several weird things, so finally I just said to hell with it, and this morning I changed over to Carbon Rom for my LG OG 4.4.2. After reinstalling all my stuff and I'm testing now, and it seems that its working properly again. I'm using SIO as my scheduler and Wheatley as the governor. Seems like its still glitching however, so I may try playing around with the settings still, but at least now its not freezing anymore.
  5. Hey guys.. I'm running an LG Optimus G with custom Rom 4.4.2. So far I've had some trouble with glitching and pausing in tracks, but that isn't too bad of an issue.. What is though is that today I performed an update from Play store, and now I am finding that the player freezes. I've rebooted, and tried adjusting settings, but what I'm finding is that after I hit next track a couple times, it will switch tracks once, twice, and then just stop.. freezes and the player becomes unresponsive and music stops playing. If I go into App and force stop the app and then reopen it works again until I hit next track a couple times, and then boom.. freeze. Was totally fine before this update.. Anyone else experiencing this?
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