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  1. When listening to a track, or a set/mix, I often miss a button (which, say, would replace one of the buttons like shuffle, etc. if chosen to appear from the Settings) which wold create a pressable dot on the line in that specific time, so I can listen to a massive awesome drop without maneuvering through 3 hours set manually. I think this should be a priority. Just like there is such a possibility in Soundcloud.
  2. Hi there, I got two requests, that I believe would be cool: 1. When I listen to a long mix (1hour+ let's say), I would like the possibility to highlight specific parts of the track and be able to jump from one to another (like in soundclound). Is that possible? 2. (Not sure, maybe it's possible but I don't know how to do it, but) I use Astro File Manager. I open up a folder and play one of the songs from it. Then if I want to skip to another track, it skips to a song which is not in that folder. Can it be done somehow that it would skip only in that particular folder I played the first track from? Any feed appreciated. Execut1oner
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